Our Three Core Principals: Safety First

What Is The Safest Place For Retirement Money?

In complete transparency, the safest retirement strategy is somewhat different for every person. Everyone has their own retirement goals, needs, financial situation, and risk tolerance. Each client needs their own custom recommendation. That being said, generally, clients look for safety of principal in their strategy. At GreenLine Retirement, safety is one of our core principles when helping clients in devising their retirement strategies.

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Safety in Retirement

Stock market swings can potentially cause your retirement account to drop in value. However, this risk tends to become more apparent to people as they age, as they’ll have less and less time to bounce back in the event of a loss. With this in mind, we recommend products such as annuities and certain types of life insurance products as part of a potential retirement strategy. Some of these products offer benefits such as guaranteed* protection of principal and a reasonable rate of return.** Essentially, these could be a low-risk way to ensure you never run out of money.


Certain annuity products, such as fixed indexed annuities (FIAs), could be a viable option for some retirees. Basically, an annuity is a contract with an insurance company. As part of the agreement, the company protects your principal. Traditional savings accounts, such as CDs, also offer a secure place for your money. However, these accounts come with a contribution limit, and don’t offer very much in terms of interest rate. Furthermore, these types of accounts are subject to taxes on any earned interest. FIAs, on the other hand, are usually tax-deferred. You only pay taxes when you take the money out. Furthermore, an annuity offers options for steady income as well.

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