Our Three Core Principals: Reasonable Rate of Return

What is a Reasonable Rate of Return** After Retirement?

What is a reasonable rate of return** after retirement? One of our guiding principles, along with keeping your money safe, is helping you gain a reasonable rate of return.** If you invest in the stock market, there is a risk of losing your money. However, you might become less comfortable with this possibility as you get older. Therefore, you might be interested in options that provide safety, but also returns that are reasonable.** Products such as fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) may be a way of accomplishing this.

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Learning Your Options

If you ask us, you should have a wealth of knowledge on options for retirement before you start making decisions about your future. How you spend, store, or invest your money matters long-term. Factors such as inflation, the stock market, and potential changes in tax law are all also unpredictable (or at least hard to predict) and must be considered.

FIAs and Reasonable Rates of Return**

One option that might be right for you? A fixed indexed annuity, or FIA. This product can offer you indexed interest when the market is up, yet no loss if the market is down. You deserve to feel confident in the stability of your retirement strategy. An FIA may help with that. Additionally, an FIA offers further benefits. For example, tax deferral, and the capability to hold more money in it than in a traditional retirement account.


Returns on FIAs

The earnings of an FIA are tracked using an index. For example, the S&P 500. Your FIA gets interest credit if the index rises above a certain level. The calculation of your interest rate is based on several different factors. These include:

  • The term length of the annuity
  • The amount of money in the FIA
  • Terms and conditions added by the specific insurance company
  • Additional selected add-ons

What is a reasonable rate of return after retirement? We can help you understand this and other questions in the journey to a retirement strategy you feel confident in. Contact us today to attend a seminar event or schedule a one-on-one meeting.

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